Senz Umbrellas

Senz LogoHigh quality storm umbrellas of a special kind. The story of Senz begins with three students who, out of pure frustration with the usual traditional umbrellas, decide to develop the ultimate umbrella and change the street scene. Fashionable storm umbrellas with the best possible price/quality ratio, specially designed for young, fashion-conscious people.

Senz umbrellas have a slightly unusual shape – but not without reason. The robust models are considered storm-proof up to 100 km/h and are ideal for outdoor activities. The range offers you different colours and sizes, some with automatic opening. In the following sections we will go into more detail about the special features and the construction of the umbrellas.

Whether hiking, trekking or other outdoor activities – bad weather can always surprise you. Depending on the location and influence, it doesn’t have to be just a simple rain shower. If a real storm comes up with strong gusts of wind, a normal umbrella will not be able to protect you. The Senz umbrellas are revolutionary on the market and have a rather strange shape. The aim is to guarantee the same stability in stronger winds and to keep you dry. The company divides its range into different sizes and product lines so that the right model can be found for every use. There is always extreme weather – you just have to be properly prepared.

The patented construction – for more storm safety

Senz pays attention to strong and at the same time light materials in the construction. The so-called storm umbrellas initially catch the eye. They are not round, but have a short and a long side due to their aerodynamic shape. The shorter side is placed against the wind and the longer side protects you from the wet. The tip of the glider is therefore not completely in the middle, so that you can still hold the model comfortably in your hand in stronger winds. At the same time, the rain does not hit your face as hard.

At the ends of the struts are the so-called eyesavers. They ensure that your canopy does not tear and the struts do not bend over. They are small plastic covers that are attached to each end of the struts. This automatically reduces the risk of injury.

Note: All models except the Senz Original and Senz XXL series are foldable pocket umbrellas. They can be reduced to a small size and stowed in hand luggage.

Further special features – soft handle and automatic opening

The automatic parasols from Senz can be operated with only one hand. At the push of a button, the automatic opening mechanism is activated and the canopy stretches. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be dry. They are also pocket umbrellas. This means that they can be conveniently stowed away in your luggage and are ready for use in one easy step. But there are also manual models that have to be pushed open. Here you need both hands, of course.