Fulton Umbrellas

Fulton LogoInventor and mechanical engineer Arnold Fulton had the right know-how in 1956 to revolutionize the design of umbrellas. His invention – the Birdcage No. 1 – is now one of the most popular umbrella models in Great Britain. This is not only because the young royals such as Princes William and Harry and their wives Catherine and Meghan carry Fulton umbrellas to various occasions in rainy England. With its shape, the Birdcage offers a decisive advantage over conventional umbrellas: It literally protects like a birdcage against rain and wind.

To ensure that its wearer can orientate himself at any time despite the closed form, the umbrella is made largely of transparent plastic. The transparent design also offers the Queen – one of whose purveyors to the court is Fulton – the advantage of always being visible to her audience despite rainy weather. A patented opening mechanism additionally ensures that the umbrella can be opened quickly and reliably even in windy weather.

A further advantage for ladies should be emphasized: The size and shape of the umbrella ensure that even large handbags or shoulder bags remain reliably dry.

Umbrellas are available in various colours, of which we have different ones in our range. So with a Fulton umbrella you are not only well protected from rain and wind, but also stylishly on the move.