Doppler Umbrellas

Doppler logoDoppler is one of the most important brands in the field of umbrellas. The company shows a wide variety of pocket umbrellas, up to the walking stick umbrella or trekking umbrella. For more than 60 years, customers have also relied on the highest quality and constantly new designs for all age groups. We have taken a closer look at the Doppler brand for you and will introduce you to its typical characteristics.

The Doppler company has years of experience in producing high quality and modern umbrellas. The models are made of selected materials and follow exclusive designs. This has secured Doppler the place of the probably most important producer in Europe and is highly appreciated by the customers. A look over the assortment shows the versatility of the manufacturer, in terms of shapes and colours. Compact pocket umbrellas are replaced by noble stick umbrellas or partner umbrellas. It is important to the Doppler brand that the umbrellas not only look good, but also fit well in the hand and are functional. Whether classic, sporty or fashionable – there are numerous lines where you will surely find the right model. We have taken a closer look at the individual umbrellas and model ranges and put together the most important features for you.

The Carbonsteel line – flexible and stable

A particularly popular series is the Carbonsteel line from Doppler. It convinces with a very good material quality and an enormously robust construction. The construction is heated several times and then the steel is cooled down again. This makes the Carbonsteel umbrellas very light and flexible companions, which are nevertheless stable in strong weather conditions. For example, the models are tested in the wind tunnel at speeds of up to 100 km/h.

The whole thing is covered with high-quality polyester and a special coating. This allows moisture to run off directly and the material does not grow mould. The umbrellas are storm-proof, light in weight and have a paragon rail that does not simply twist in strong winds. If a gust of wind should nevertheless hit the umbrella, it folds over thanks to its flexible construction and can be bent back again easily.

The individual components are not damaged in the process. The following series belong to this model series:

  • Carbonsteel pocket umbrellas
  • Carboonsteel Long
  • Carbonsteel Magic

Fiber and Natural collections – with wood and fiberglass components

Doppler offers pocket umbrellas and long umbrellas of the Fiber line. These are particularly popular and also light models. They are partly made of fibreglass in the frame and therefore, even as larger stick umbrellas, not too heavy for everyday use. There are of course different sizes and designs. You can also choose between a manual operation or an automatic opening system. But more about this in another section.

The Natural collection seems to be the complete opposite. These umbrellas focus on elegance and are equipped with a handle made of real wood, for example. The result is a warm and pleasant feeling in the hand, even in stormy weather. Especially the men prefer this line and combine the look with classic checks and dark plain colours.

The Specials and Modern Art – also reflective umbrellas

Of course Doppler also offers umbrellas with some extras. Enclosed we would like to introduce you to the special models:

  • Support umbrellas: How about classic support umbrellas, for example, which can also be used as walking sticks? They do not have a curved handle, but are equipped with a real wooden handrail.
  • Reflective umbrellas: On dark rainy days and especially for children these umbrellas are suitable. They have reflective elements on the stretched umbrella roof and become visible to drivers much faster.
  • Models with wind valves: The larger an umbrella, the greater its area of contact. Doppler mainly equips golf umbrellas and partner umbrellas with wind valves. These are double-layer fabric panels through which the wind penetrates to the outside and reduces its force. The glider does not fold over anymore.

Automatic opening – closes by itself

Doppler offers basically different opening possibilities. In addition to manual opening, there are automatic opening and automatic open/close. If you open the canopy by hand, you can rely on a robust mechanism and a pleasantly large handle under the struts. The automatic opening system takes care of the whole thing for you at the touch of a button. All you have to do is manually fold the canopy and pull the struts down again.

The automatic open/close function offers you automatic opening and closing. At the push of a button, both cane and pocket umbrellas open in seconds. When you no longer need the rain cover, press the button again. The struts will then contract again via a system of springs. All you have to do is fold the model and roll up the fabric again.

Special designs – bright patterns and bright colours

The choice of designs is particularly versatile. You will find colourful rainbow umbrellas, classic colours like black or blue and special designs. Especially children can look forward to funny animals.

But even adults are increasingly turning to the motif umbrellas. They convince with a successful colour gradient and an enormous attention to detail, for example with bird feathers or with the leaves of a chestnut tree. Design is and remains a matter of taste.

The Doppler range – something for everyone

Doppler has a quite wide range of products and manufactures umbrellas according to your own ideas. So you can find the right model for everyone. The special attention to detail is evident in the manufacture. The company feels the passion for this craft and still produces many of the umbrellas in 70 individual work steps. These umbrellas are unique from the first strut to the final cut.

In addition Doppler offers its own line of children umbrellas. These are stick umbrellas with a rounded tip and a curved handle. Depending on the model they can be opened automatically or manually. Discover the colourful motives for boys and girls.

Tip: The derby Umbrellas brand is also part of the Doppler Group. Under this name, you will find a very fashionable range that is also convincing in terms of value for money. Whether a classic long umbrella or a colourful rainbow umbrella – you will find a wide selection.

Besides many other well-known manufacturers swear by the trendy brand Doppler. They use the high-quality umbrellas, for example, for their own collections, such as s.Oliver or bugatti with licence.

Customer reviews and test reports – high brand quality

Many customers appreciate the high-quality workmanship of the gliders. The seams look clean and there are no unsightly transitions between the cover and the frame. Furthermore, the handiness of the small pocket umbrellas is praised as well as the elegance of the stick umbrellas. If you are looking for a special design, you can definitely find it at this manufacturer. Only in terms of wind stability some models still have a deduction. While some umbrellas are flexible enough or have a wind outlet, other models are not up to high wind forces.

This is exactly why the umbrellas are all tested in the wind tunnel and checked for their resistance.