Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrella LogoUmbrellas of the brand Blunt inspire with an aerodynamic form and an advanced construction. They can withstand wind forces of up to 120 km/h without bending. The special feature of the design: they have no sharp edges. The innovative concept has already proven itself with many customers in everyday life and leisure activities. Enclosed we want to go into more detail about the technology and the different designs.

The manufacturer Blunt has a special innovation of the classic umbrella on the market. The models stand for durability and quality – in any weather. The umbrellas are specially designed for higher loads that an ordinary umbrella cannot withstand. Some models in the range are subtitled Storm Umbrella. They are used in everyday life, for golf or other leisure activities. After all, you can’t always count on beautiful weather and sunshine. Wind loads up to wind force 12 and heavy rain do not affect the umbrellas. The key points are a special system and a special construction of the individual models, which we now want to examine more closely.

Radial Tensioning System (RTS) – without sharp edges

Every Blunt umbrella is designed without sharp corners and edges. The innovative concept behind it is called RTS, so that the fabric does not tear as quickly and the umbrella generally withstands higher loads. The pressure when the umbrella is stretched passes this system over the entire surface and the struts. Three components work together.

Double Strunts Redirect: Double struts are required, for example, which absorb any pressure and pass it on to the so-called floating ribs.
Floating Ribs: These Floating Ribs are telescopic and extend to the outer edge of the screen. From here they distribute the pressure to the outer edge of the screen.
Blunt Tips: The individual struts lead into the Blunt Tips. They push the pressure over the canopy and distribute it evenly on the fabric. Since there are no sharp edges here, the material does not tear.

Designs – modern colors and patterns

So the Blunt umbrellas not only have a specially shaped canopy. You can choose between different modern colors. The collections change regularly and adapt to modern trends. Whether classic black or light neon colors – you are offered a wide range of combinations. Some of the coloured details from the umbrella fabric are still visible in the handle. The frame is kept dark in most models.

However, there are exceptions, which convince with a pattern on the canopy and coloured components on the handle, rod and struts.

Customer reviews and prices – strong in stormy weather

Customers and experts alike are positive about these innovative models.

  • The Blunt GOLF_G1 even received the reddot Design Award 2014 and convinces with two-coloured details.
  • Furthermore, positive opinions are often read about the easy handling and the stability of the umbrellas.
  • Criticism points are for example the size of the pocket umbrellas. With a length of about 35 cm, they still seem relatively bulky and do not disappear unnoticed in every handbag.
  • Also the weight is criticized by some customers. However, the robust construction requires this. If you want to rely on your umbrella in windy weather, you have to expect slightly larger dimensions and a higher weight.

On the other hand you benefit from easy opening and closing. The fabric is tear-resistant and dries quickly. The choice of colours is solid and sometimes a bit playful.

But there are no really innovative patterns or special motifs. Blunt remains true to its design line and can therefore be seen from a distance, even when far away from the design. Only high quality workmanship and special quality have their price. Blunt umbrellas cost about 60 dollars and more – depending on size and model.