5 Best Umbrella Clotheslines

Household Essentials
72 x 72 x 72 inches
30 vinyl lines
Single action
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19.1 x 6.7 x 3.1 inches
196 ft drying space
Seamlessly adjustable
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Household Essentials
62 x 52 x 72 inches
64 ft drying space
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Drying Rack
73 x 73 x 72 inches
165 ft drying space
1-year warranty
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360 degree rotary top
Arrive pre-assembled
Maxing load is 57lbs
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Welcome to the umbrella clotheslines review test reports, where our editorial staff shows you all the clotheslines we have put under the microscope. We have compiled all the information we could get and also show you an overview of the customer reviews we found on the net.

Our aim is to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the clothesline that suits you best.

We provide you with the right answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) in the advice section and in the product section. Test videos should not be missing but were unfortunately not always available. Of course, there is also other important information to help you buy the right clothesline.

Buyer’s guide

Clotheslines are generally divided into three different types. Sisal, rubber sheath with a steel core and rubber sheath with a polypropylene core. The only difference between the lines is the material, which has advantages and disadvantages.

Sisal lines are particularly environmentally friendly. It is an untreated natural product, which can even be composted. The light brown porous fiber look is very popular. A disadvantage, these products can rot and mold if you leave them hanging outside.

Those umbrella clotheslines made of rubber sheathing and polypropylene core are weatherproof and inexpensive. However, these are not as stable and less durable. Polypropylene loses its elasticity at low temperatures. (about 8 degrees) and can become brittle due to moisture. This creates the danger of cracking.

Lines made of rubber sheathing and steel core are durable, highly stretchable, and resistant. The material is also not affected by weather conditions. Unfortunately, these also become brittle after a while due to corrosion of the rubber sheathing.

Where can you buy a clothesline?

You can get clotheslines at the hardware store, the supermarket, the discount store, and on the World Wide Web.

The choice is much wider on the internet, and you can compare prices better online. You can also find numerous customer reviews of the products on the web. If you would like to buy the clothesline in a store, you can ask the specialist staff for advice. But you can’t go wrong with the prices in general.

How much is a clothesline?

In the first moment, you probably think about the cheap product from the supermarket. Then, of course, there are clotheslines for a few Euros, but there are price differences. The differences are due to the different materials and the way they are attached, which explains the price.

Which of the presented clotheslines suits you best?

Basically you can distinguish between three types of clotheslines:

  • Sisal clothesline
  • Clothesline with steel core
  • Clothesline with polypropylene core

Drying your laundry on a line outdoors or indoors has a number of advantages. You protect the environment and save the high costs of a dryer. You also need less money for electricity and hardly any fabric softener.

Because the clotheslines are made of different materials, one or the other is more suitable for you. This depends on your personal requirements and the area of application. The different lines have their advantages and disadvantages.

In the following section, we would like to present different types of linen. In addition, we explain the respective advantages and disadvantages so that you can make your decision easier.

What are the purchase criteria and how can you compare the individual clotheslines?

Now we would like to introduce you to several purchasing factors, which you can use to compare and evaluate the umbrella clotheslines for yourself. These will help you to find out which clothesline suits you and which doesn’t.

We will deal with the following factors:

  • Material
  • Type of affixing

In the following, you can read about the individual factors and how you can best classify and evaluate them for yourself.


It always depends on where you want to hang your laundry. If you mainly hang them outdoors and do not always want to take the line off, make sure you use the suitable material. A sisal line is not a good idea because it can rot and mold quickly.

Those models made of rubber sheathing and polypropylene core are more weatherproof and durable. However, these are not suitable for low temperatures or high humidity.

Metallic lines are most ideal for outdoor use. For example, you can get lines made of steel core, plastic, stainless steel or with a rubber sheath. If you are looking for a leash for indoor use, the material is not important.

Therefore it is more advantageous to get a metallic leash. You will find many products with rubber coating and steel core or plastic and stainless steel on the market. If the application is indoor, you do not necessarily have to pay attention to the material of the leash.

Type of affixing

The method of attachment is an important criterion. Pull-out or fold-out clotheslines are recommended if you want to save space, whether in the apartment or in the garden. Mount them directly on the wall. The space above the bathtub is ideal in the apartment because this area hardly takes up any space. Unfortunately, you cannot hang so much laundry on an extendable line. Make sure you have two trees or other attachment possibilities in the garden.

How high do I have to set the clothesline?

When tensioning your line, make sure you choose the ideal installation height. 1.5 to 2 meters is recommended. This depends on the textiles you are hanging and how you find it easiest to hang up.

The higher the line is hung, the more difficult it is to attach the laundry. On the other hand, the laundry may touch the ground if the line hangs too low. It is, therefore, best to choose between 1.5 and 2 meters.

Your back is hardly strained when hanging the line, so fasten your line with nails at a place of your choice.

How do you hang the laundry up properly?

Wrinkles can be reduced by shaking up the clothes in advance. Shirts and blouses are best dried directly on hangers. Depending on the color, it would help if you hung the clothes in the sun or shade.

Colored linen should be hung in the shade. Otherwise, the colors will fade due to UV-light. White underwear can be hung in the sun without any problems. The UV radiation ensures that no germs or bacteria are formed on the damp laundry.

Why You Will Love Your Outdoor Clothesline

  • Worked to keep going for quite a long time
  • Turns for simple stacking
  • Rapidly closes for more yard space
  • Texture covers are accessible beneath
  • No solid required with our ground attachment
  • No devices required, aside from a digging tool
  • All steel and wood. Tough and repairable

See the “Establishment” segment beneath for more data on our unique “no solid” Ground Socket. Additionally, observe the tabs underneath for alluring texture Covers to utilize when your clothesline is shut.

Video Guide: How To Install Umbrella Clothesline

Final Words

While the best clotheslines are not new, it’s still a long-standing household essential. This is because of their convenience and ease of use. Thanks for reading!

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  1. How can I make the base for the umbrella clothesline from cement please? I cannot dig into the ground, I need an above ground base for it

    • Hello, Bob! You could make a base out of wood or stone to contain the cement. Like a square wooden box or more rounded using stone.

  2. I’m really going to have to look into one of those umbrellas. I have just recently switched over to homemade laundry detergent and would love to hang the laundry out on the line. Nothing beats the smell of fresh laundry off a clothesline. The same thing happened to me, the trees took over and the birds left presents…plus we have a mulberry tree…those dirty bombs will leave a stubborn stain.

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