10 Best Kid’s Umbrellas

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Children’s umbrellas are a practical accessory in wet rainy weather and a fun toy for the little ones. There are no limits to the design, whether eye-catching colorful patterns, the figure from the favorite series or even with a 3D effect. It’s no wonder that many children are enthusiastic about an umbrella that is tailored exactly to their needs. We’ll show you what is important when it comes to choosing.

Clouds and wet rainy weather are the ideal conditions for an umbrella. Within seconds you are prepared for the rain shower and stay dry – even the smallest ones. Give your darling the children’s umbrella as an accessory in his or her own hand, and you will see the glow in their eyes. Especially at kindergarten age, the offspring imitate their parents and are happy about the small and colorful version of the umbrella. Child-friendly designs, additional functions, and a compact shape determine the models. In the following sections, we will take a closer look at the individual points.

Size and opening types – as easy to use as possible

Children’s umbrellas are designed to meet the special needs of the youngest. They are also called mini umbrellas because of their compact size of about 70 cm. However, they have one clear advantage: they combine practical protection from the wet with many fun functions. First and foremost, the umbrellas should not be too large and, above all, they should be lightweight. Small children’s hands do not yet have that much strength and naturally want to hold the umbrella on their own. The following models are available:

  • Pocket umbrellas: A pocket umbrella is no larger than 20 cm when folded and can be easily carried, for example in the kindergarten bag or school bag. It is always ready to hand and can be easily extended to its full length. However, this shape is less suitable for very young children, as they first have to understand the opening mechanism.
  • Cane umbrella: The cane umbrellas always have their full length and a practical curved handle at the bottom. They can also be used as a walking stick and have an extra rounded ball tip at the front to avoid the risk of injury. High quality models show a robust wooden handle.

The opening mechanism is usually automatic. At the push of a button, the umbrella opens quickly and easily. After all, your child should be able to use the umbrella itself and does not always have to rely on an adult.

Umbrellas for children must generally be easy to use. Some exciting extras can help or make the handling of the umbrella even more fun. The models with a viewing window, for example, should be mentioned here. Here the umbrella has a transparent recess in the cover. The little ones are therefore completely surrounded and protected by the umbrella. But they can still look forward and have a better view. Especially in traffic or on the way to school, the viewing window is worth a lot to be able to observe the traffic situation more closely.

Tip: There are umbrellas with reflectors so that the children can be seen better in autumn and in cloudy weather. In this context you should also pay attention to bright colours.

In addition, the umbrella needs a sufficient curvature. Only then can the water run off well to all sides, as the children will not always keep the umbrella straight. Even when loosely placed on the shoulder, your child is still well protected from the rain.

The design – colourful and suitable for children

The design probably plays the biggest role in the children’s umbrella for girls and boys. After all, it should please and meet the personal taste. Almost all colors and patterns are represented. There are almost no limits, whether large colorful dots, stripes, or other patterns. Other umbrellas are decorated with motifs, for example, with animals or with figures from cartoons and series. Popular motifs are here:

  • Cars
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Anna and Elsa (Frozen)
  • Hello Kitty
  • Sammy Samoa
  • Minions

Some umbrellas have a special shape and are not just round. For example, the Batman umbrella also takes the shape of a bat. Or how about a funny 3D effect? Here, umbrellas for children with ears or a face are very popular. They immediately make a friendly impression and also appeal to the little ones. If the umbrella does not have a viewing window, you can choose a transparent design with motifs. Here the children have the full overview of all sides again.

Tip: Some umbrellas have a transformation function. So they have a different pattern in dry condition than in wet condition. The reason for this is a special coating that reacts when wet and creates new patterns.

The right age – umbrellas for kindergarten and school

The right umbrella should be selected to suit the age and development of the child. Many manufacturers have product-specific specifications here, which mainly refer to the size and the opening mechanism. Basically, umbrellas can be divided into two age groups:

  • For kindergarten children (from 2-3 years): At the latest in kindergarten your child will need a rain jacket, rubber boots and maybe a small umbrella. From the age of two, the fine motor skills are already developed so that the little ones can hold the umbrella and even open it by themselves. With automatic opening, children at this age are sometimes overstrained. A handy knob or bent handle enables them to grip the umbrella better and, depending on their size, they can even attach it to their kindergarten backpack. The model must be as light as possible and must not present any risk of injury.
  • For school children (6 years and older): School children need a slightly larger umbrella, which above all fits well with the satchel and can be easily stowed away. The automatic opening also helps with operation and additional reflectors protect on the way to school. An umbrella with a name helps to keep the models apart and can always be allocated to your child and his or her class.

Video For Kids: How To Draw An Umbrella

Final Words

Umbrellas are a must-have during the rainy season, especially for kids. It is important to choose an umbrella that will not be too large or heavy to carry around; lightweight and with a really good rain cover. A great way to make it easy on yourself as a parent is by buying one of the best kid’s umbrellas available. Thanks for reading!

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Helen Smith

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