5 Best Inverted Umbrellas

Ergonomic handle
New inverted design
Weather resistance
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Smooth Top
Folding design
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Owen Kyne
Durable Material
Inside-out Design
Free-Grip Frosted Handle
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UV Protection
Hands&Drip free
Durable Windproof
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C-Shape handle
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Advantages of inverted umbrellas

They stable: when closed, the rods act as a support and make the umbrella stand upright. This allows rainwater to fall to the ground without wetting the handle or the inside of the umbrella. In general, traditional umbrellas do not stand up and have to be placed on umbrellas or leaned against the wall to dry.

They are more resistant: Because of their design they are more resistant to shocks and wind. Many of the umbrellas have a double layer of fabric, so they are even harder. In addition, if finally a hurricane wind is made with the umbrella and folds it, it does not break, it simply folds it in its usual direction. A normal umbrella in the same situation would end up broken.

The opening is advantageous: As we can see in the video above, it allows us to open it more easily from inside a car to prevent a single drop of water from falling. It is also useful to open it when leaving through a narrow door or in situations with not much space.

At the moment the model that we can buy is all long, that is to say: it cannot be folded. This may be a drawback in certain situations, but for places where it rains often or where occasionally the rain is accompanied by strong winds the reverse umbrella seems the best option. We can see how some Amazon commentators have been very happy after buying one:

“I bought the umbrella as a gift for my wife, because we live in an area where it rains often. The results are excellent, we are getting a lot out of it. The design of the handle allows us to hang it from the baby carriage. Inverted umbrellas have the advantage that you can access the inside of a building or even put them in the car without getting anything wet.”
“It’s very comfortable to open and close in tight spaces, for example when getting out and in the car, easy to carry as it has a cover to hang it over your shoulder. Another advantage is that the wet side stays inside when you close it, so there’s no danger of your pants getting wet when you touch it by accident.”

Inverted Umbrella Offers

Currently on Amazon we have a few inverted umbrellas to choose from. The prices are quite similar and we have everything from more discreet and sober designs to more flowery and striking ones. If we are not sure which ones to buy we can always take a look at the opinions and comments of other Amazon buyers. They can be a good guide to the quality of the product.

Sharpty Inverted Umbrella With C-Shape Handle

Editor's Choice

Sharpty inverted umbrellaThe Sharpty Inverted Umbrella with reverse-opening mechanism opens outdoors when you are still in the house or car. This practical configuration ensures that you stay dry and look flawless even after walking out of the parking lot to create that important business. When you reach your destination and close the Sharpty, rain collects inside and keeps the floor at home dry.


  • Great choice for sun and rain
  • Doesn’t let your clothes get wet
  • Durable


  • Weak spokes

Umbrella has 6 strong ribs and a carbon fiber stretcher that provides unsurpassed resistance to wind up to 60 km/h. The umbrella has a windproof, waterproof and UV protection. As it has a generous 42.5-inch range, you and a friend will have plenty of room. The ergonomic C-shaped handle allows you to use our indoor umbrella hands-free, so you can take food with you, take your dog for a walk or simply respond to text messages. With 20 stylish motifs, you can customize your reversible umbrella to suit your personal needs. Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits.

Buyer’s Guide

The innovation of the inverted umbrella

The inverted umbrella or the reverse umbrella is the way the umbrella should have been, as the inventor’s slogan says.

How many times have you struggled with an umbrella when getting in and out of your car to keep from getting wet? How many times have you spilled rainwater all over the house when closing an umbrella? We’ve been using the umbrella since the ancient civilization of 3000 years ago in Egypt, Greece and China, and it took us so long to reinvent it!

The reverse umbrella has been the talk of my group of friends recently, as they are doing some last-minute shopping for gifts this holiday season.

Reverse umbrella, how is it different?

It looks like a normal umbrella but its unique mechanism allows it to open and close in reverse (fold in), leaving the dry side on the outside. This addresses the many challenges we face in using a regular umbrella.

This unique reverse folding mechanism protects you from moisture, especially if you are getting in or out of your car. It also prevents water from spilling all over the floor and avoids damage from high winds.

It’s like winning the lottery if you get an inverted umbrella as a gift this holiday season. Most of my friends want to buy an inverted umbrella. You’ll be disappointed if you get an umbrella for your birthday and it’s not the new upside-down or reverse umbrella.

Where does the reverse umbrella come from?

Some may have thought that this umbrella came from Asia, where it is quickly becoming very popular. Who knows that it was actually invented by someone from the UK!

Jenan Kazim, a London-based engineer, invented this umbrella. This idea came from her mother-in-law, who complained that her umbrella was dripping all over the floor of her house.

What are the disadvantages of the inverted umbrella?

As with anything else, it’s not all good for the upside-down umbrella. There are 2 main things that can make you think twice before buying one and forget about conventional or clear umbrellas.

Weight: it is a little heavier than the conventional umbrella, but it is not annoying for most people.

Needs to be open to dry: this may not be a problem for people who normally open umbrellas to dry, but it is not good for people who usually leave the umbrella folded when it is still wet.

The advantage of the upside-down umbrella is that it keeps its wet surface inside the fold to prevent water from falling on you or the ground. But this can also be a disadvantage since water will be trapped inside if you don’t open it to dry.

Interesting Video: Testing Inverted Umbrella In The Rain

Helen Smith

Helen Smith

Hello! My name is Helen Smith, and I'm from New York. I'm a manager in a big company, and I like to travel when I have free time. Besides, I have a big collection of umbrellas, and I'm going to help you choose the best one.

  1. I have a version of this! Mine has a different handle, shaped more like a C, and I like it a lot when I’m walking but closing it to bring into a car is a little problematic. You need to turn it upside-down and let the water drip out, or you’ll just have a puddle in the car! It works really well in windy conditions, because it doesn’t seem to want to flip inside-out, which is a plus.

  2. Some suggestions, the reason why yours doesn’t necessarily close as tightly is because you didn’t use strap that comes with it that most umbrellas have. also the other main features that you didn’t necessarily describe that differ from the traditional umbrellas is that when it opens inverted like when you getting out of the car with your inverted umbrella, you didn’t have to open your door very wide. Just only enough to let the inverted umbrella out to open which you pretty much can’t do with a traditional umbrella. Also and the fact that the shell or skelton of the umbrella is all covered so you won’t get your hair caught if you have any etc. But otherwise not a bad review.

  3. I think its easier to open from the car. No one has grass in your neighborhood? I think thats great when it comes to lawn care but I dont think I would like that. No running around the yard with the kids.

  4. I didn’t realize it when I bought a Sharpty inverted umbrella, but the underside of it is almost flat rather than curving upward. There is a hollow space between the solid color top piece and the printed underside. Also, the gap in the C-shape handle is not very big. It may or may not fit on your closet rod. With that said, it is a beautiful and practical gift for anyone!

  5. I love my Newsight umbrella – I got the Elite Series. Has an Ergonomically Correct handle and an automatic open button. Thanks for your review. I love the way you present Items! Thanks.

  6. This is actually very clever design. I like it!

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