5 Best Bubble Umbrellas

Windproof and rainproof
Durable construction
Clear stylish bubble
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Lightweight construction
Clear canopy
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Kung Fu Smith
Superior windproof
Easy safe to use
Elegant design details
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Miles Kimball
Wind-resistant design
All-seasons umbrella
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House Of Reign
Durable and strong
Functional and compact
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Video Guide: How To Design Bubble Umbrella

Helen Smith

Helen Smith

Hello! My name is Helen Smith, and I'm from New York. I'm a manager in a big company, and I like to travel when I have free time. Besides, I have a big collection of umbrellas, and I'm going to help you choose the best one.

  1. I have a tote umbrella with automatic open/close for about 4 years now. Love it. So compact and masculine too. I used to hate carrying umbrellas but my tote goes in backpack with ease

  2. The “dust” is actually important. It is actually a dry powder coating to keep the plastic from sticking which can become tenacious during long storage, an even more so in higher temperature storage locations. The “dust” could represent a tiny step up in quality of the umbrella manufacturer. your review was adorable. could you also review on a windy/rainy day when one occurs?

    • Hi, Kate, Thank you for telling me about the dust. I did not know it was an important part of storage preparation. I just thought it had been lying in a very dusty warehouse, haha. Glad you enjoyed my review. I’ll have to keep my eye out for a windy/rainy day.

  3. We had similar umbrellas as a kid in the mid/late ’70’s; we called them bubble umbrellas. I had a navy blue trimmed one.

  4. Getting my own bubble umbrella soon! So cute!

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