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Durable construction
Clear stylish bubble
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Lightweight construction
Clear canopy
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Kung Fu Smith
Superior windproof
Easy safe to use
Elegant design details
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Miles Kimball
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The bubble umbrella has become a real fashion accessory and has one decisive feature: the cover is completely transparent. These are mainly cane umbrellas, which are covered with a transparent foil or a robust plastic. The individual struts and also the stick remain visible. These parts are made of aluminium or metal. Nevertheless, the umbrellas are quite light in weight and are used in many areas. Whether in photography, at a wedding or other festivities – the transparent umbrella fits almost every outfit and can become a real eye-catcher even in stormy rainy weather. In the following sections we take a closer look at the special features and popular models.

The transparent design connects all model types. Nevertheless, there are a few small differences in the construction and shapes of the umbrellas. In principle you can choose between three types:

  • Stick umbrella: The cane umbrella is wide, has a large diameter of about 100 cm and is about 80 – 90 cm long. The long stick and the curved handle are important features of this model. So it can be used as a walking stick at the same time, but needs a robust umbrella tip. Not all transparent models show such a tip. The handle can be curved or straight, depending on the desired grip.
  • Bell umbrella: The bell umbrella is a special shape where the umbrella roof is designed as low as possible. So the umbrella surrounds you like a kind of bell on all sides. Especially here the transparent design is of advantage to you, because you have a sufficient overview despite the umbrella.
  • Pocket umbrella: Transparent pocket umbrellas are rather rare, because the foil has to be folded very much and not all materials are suitable for it. Nevertheless, there are some models that have been brought to pocket size and can be used quickly on the road. Here the struts are folded again and the stick is pushed together.

The materials – POE and PVC

The umbrellas mainly consist of two transparent materials to create the special look. These foils are used as PE or PVC and are thin plastics that are stretched on the struts. Both materials have a light talcum powder coating to prevent the individual areas from sticking together. The coating is intended to protect the screen during transport and storage. After the first use you simply wash off this coating and a new application is then not necessary. PVC is slightly softer than PE films.

Basically many manufacturers choose quite thin films to achieve a very low weight of the glider. This is especially comfortable for you as a carrier. However, the thin films are accompanied by a higher vulnerability of the materials. Cracks or even damage occur much faster than is the case with normal umbrellas.

Tip: If you want to use a robust transparent screen, you should use a slightly stronger film.

Design and features – not completely transparent

The most important design feature of the umbrellas is of course the transparent look. The simplest models are made completely transparent so that the pole and the individual struts are visible. These can be light-coloured or even colourfully coated (for example red) to achieve a special look. But there are also transparent umbrellas with patterns or motifs.

These are applied to the foils in such a way that the model still looks transparent and at the same time colourful. Whether butterflies, mosaic, colourful stripes or large dots – different patterns appear on the transparent background and remain slightly translucent. So you still keep the overview to all sides. Usually the umbrella stick and handle are colour-coordinated with the design. The latest trend are LED umbrellas in transparent optics.

In view of the good workmanship, every transparent umbrella is provided with a robust edge on the foil. This edge can also be contrasting in colour and prevents the foil from tearing or being damaged in any other way. The opening is done automatically or by hand. There is also a sewn-on small piece of foil that holds the umbrella together when closed. For large cane umbrellas there is even a carrying loop.

The frame (hardware) is made with strong and innovative material (fiberglass, carbon, aluminum and iron). There is a round style and a flat screen-style frame for bubble umbrellas.

Bubble umbrellas are very popular with children and also at weddings. On the one hand, these models look quite funny, but still look stylish in the rain. Especially at certain celebrations or wedding ceremonies the weather is difficult to predict. In most cases a photographer is ordered who takes nice pictures of the bridal couple even outdoors.

The transparent umbrella is not only protection from the weather, but also a fashionable accessory. Even in everyday life, the umbrella goes with almost every outfit, is popular with men and women alike and brings a fashionable lightness with it. Especially in spring and summer the products are often seen.

Getting tangled up in low-hanging branches with your umbrella? This can also be interpreted as part of the wearing comfort. If this has happened to you several times and you get scared every time, a special type of umbrella could help: an umbrella that is transparent.

If the umbrella is transparent, you can always see through it without having to lift the umbrella at regular intervals. Such a transparent umbrella is also suitable for a wedding as a suitable accessory for the bride, groom or guests, where the often occurring rain shower can be used.

Video Guide: How To Design Bubble Umbrella

Helen Smith

Helen Smith

Hello! My name is Helen Smith, and I'm from New York. I'm a manager in a big company, and I like to travel when I have free time. Besides, I have a big collection of umbrellas, and I'm going to help you choose the best one.

  1. I have a tote umbrella with automatic open/close for about 4 years now. Love it. So compact and masculine too. I used to hate carrying umbrellas but my tote goes in backpack with ease

  2. The “dust” is actually important. It is actually a dry powder coating to keep the plastic from sticking which can become tenacious during long storage, an even more so in higher temperature storage locations. The “dust” could represent a tiny step up in quality of the umbrella manufacturer. your review was adorable. could you also review on a windy/rainy day when one occurs?

    • Hi, Kate, Thank you for telling me about the dust. I did not know it was an important part of storage preparation. I just thought it had been lying in a very dusty warehouse, haha. Glad you enjoyed my review. I’ll have to keep my eye out for a windy/rainy day.

  3. We had similar umbrellas as a kid in the mid/late ’70’s; we called them bubble umbrellas. I had a navy blue trimmed one.

  4. Getting my own bubble umbrella soon! So cute!

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